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"Говоря о брит-попе, я не совсем понимаю эти термины, может, моим сыновьям это удастся, но не мне. Мне кажется, что этот термин был введен фирмами звукозаписи. Когда в молодости я слушал музыку, мне было неважно, как она называется - кантри или соул. Сейчас на все навешаны ярлыки - белый госпел, черный госпел..., и кто разберется во всем этом?"

Марк Нопфлер

"My Parties"


Well this is my back yard - my back gate

I hate to start my parties late

Here's the party cart - ain't that great?

That ain't the best part baby - just wait

That a genuine weathervane - it moves with the breeze

Portable hammok baby - who needs trees

It's casual entertaining - we aim to please

At my parties

Check out the shingles - it's brand new

Excuse me while I mingle - hi, how are you

Hey everybody - let me give you a toast

This one's for me - the host with the most

It's getting a trifle colder - step inside my home

That's a brass toilet tissue holder with its own telephone

That's a musical doorbell - it don't ring, I ain't kiddin'

It plays america the beautiful and tie a yellow ribbon

Boy, this punch is a trip - it's o.k. in my book

Here, take a sip - maybe a little heavy on the fruit

Ah, here comes the dip - you may kiss the cook

Let me show you honey - it's easy - look

You take a fork and spike 'em - say, did you try these?

So glad you like 'em - the secret's in the cheese

It's casual entertaining - we aim to please

At my parties

Now don't talk to me about the polar bear

Don't talk to me about the ozone layer

Ain't much of anything these days, even the air

They're running out of rhinos - what do I care?

Let's hear it for the dolphin - let's hear it for the trees

Ain't running out of nothing in my deep freeze

It's casual entertaining - we aim to please

At my parties
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