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"Я люблю своих сыновей. Я купил им гитары и барабаны. И мне действительно странно видеть их играющими."

Марк Нопфлер

"Les Boys"


Les boys do cabaret

Les boys are glad to be gay

They're not afraid now

Disco bar in germany

Les boys are glad to be

Upon parade now

Les boys got leather straps

Les boys got ss caps

But they got no gun now

Get dressed up get a little risque

Got to do a little s & m these days

It's all in fun now

Les boys come on again

For the high class whores

And the businessmen

Who drive in their mercedes benz

To a disco bar in old munchen

They get the jokes that the d.j. makes

They get nervous and they make mistakes

They're bad for business

Some tourists take a photograph

Les boys don't get one lough

He says they're useless

Late at night when they've gone away

Les boys dream of jean genet

High heel shoes and a black berret

And the posters on the wall that say

Les boys do cabaret

Les boys are glad to be gay
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