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"Говоря о брит-попе, я не совсем понимаю эти термины, может, моим сыновьям это удастся, но не мне. Мне кажется, что этот термин был введен фирмами звукозаписи. Когда в молодости я слушал музыку, мне было неважно, как она называется - кантри или соул. Сейчас на все навешаны ярлыки - белый госпел, черный госпел..., и кто разберется во всем этом?"

Марк Нопфлер

"Hand In Hand"


The sky is crying the streets are full of tears

Rain come down wash away my tears

And all this writing on the wall

Oh I can read between the lines

Rain come down forgive this dirty town

Rain come down and give this dirty town

A drink of water a drink of wine

If I been hard on you I never chose to be

I never wanted no one else

I tried my best to be somebody you'd be close to

Hand in hand like lovers are supposed to

As you'd sleep I'd think my heart would break in two

I'd kiss your cheek I'd stop myself from waking you

But in the dark you'd speak my name

You'd say baby what's wrong?

Oh here I am baby I'm coming back for more

I'm like a wave that's got to roll into the shore

Yes and if my love's in vain how come my love is so strong?

Now you and me go parallel together and apart

And you keep the perfect distance and it's tearing at my heart

Did you never feel the distance

You never tried to cross no line

Now it's another dirty river and another dirty scar

And I don't know who's kissing you and I don't know where you are

So far from home don't you think of me sometime

Sky is crying see the streets are full of tears

Rain coming down to wash away my fears

And all this writing on the wall

Oh I can read between the lines
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