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"Вообще-то я не задумывался о звуке Dire Straits. Он зависит от песни, а они у нас разные. Я не делаю различий между звуком американским, английским, немецким или японским. Все это музыка. Есть музыка хорошая и плохая, так вот хорошая, по моему мнению - это та, в которую вкладываешь душу. По-другому просто получается неинтересно."

Марк Нопфлер



Red sun go down way over dirty town

Starling are sweeping around crazy shoals

A girl is there high heeling across the square

Wind blows around in her hair and the flags upon the poles

Waiting in the crowd to cross at the light

She looks around to find a face she can like.

Church bell clinging on trying to get a crowd for Evensong

Nobody cares to depend upon the chime it plays

They're all in the station praying for trains

Cogregations late again

It's getting darker all the time these flagpole days

Drunk old soldier he gives her a fright

He's crazy lion howling for a fight.

Strap hanging gunshot sound

Doors slamming on the overground

Starlings are tough but the lions are made of stone

Her evening paper is horror torn

But there's hope later for Capricorns

Her lucky stars give her just enough to get home

Then she's reading about a swing to the right

But she's thinking about a stranger in the night

I'm thinking about the lions tonight

What happened to the lions.
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