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"Я с детства схожу с ума от гитар, и сейчас если увижу витрину с гитарами, то обязательно остановлюсь и посмотрю, я люблю послушать как она звучит, и вообще считаю гитару замечательной вещью, достойной восхищения."

Марк Нопфлер

"Wild West End"


Stepping out to Angellucci's for my coffee beans

Checking out the movies and the magazines

Waitress she watches me crossing from the Barocco Bar

I'm getting a pickup for my steel guitar

I saw you walking out Shaftesbury Avenue

Excuse me for talking I wanna marry you

This is the seventh heaven street to me

Don't be so proud

You're just another angel in the crowd

And I'm walking in he wild west end

Walking with your wild best friend

And my conductress on the number nineteen

She was a honey

Pink toenails and hands all dirty with money

Greasy hair easy smile

Made me feel nineteen for a while

Amd wI went down to Chinatown

In the backroom it's a man's world

All the money go down

Duck inside the doorway gotta duck to eat

Right now feels alright now

You and me we can't beat

And a gogo dancing girl yes I saw her

The deejay he say here's Mandy for ya

I feel alright to see her

But she's paid to do that stuff

She's dancing high I move on by

The close ups can get rough

When you're walking in the wild west end
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