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"Когда я был молод и мучил гитару, я ничего не сочинял, то есть тогда я был только гитарист. Позднее я понял, что больших высот в игре не достигну и пытался компенсировать это собственным сочинительством."

Марк Нопфлер

"Setting Me Up"


You say I'm the greatest bound for glory

Well the word is out and I learned

I got the latest side of the story

You're pulling out before you get burned

Well your hands are squeezing me down to the bone

I never saw you breaking no law

Stands to reason I've got to leave you alone

What you take me for

You're setting me up to put me down

You're making me out to be your clown

You're just setting me up to put me down

You better give it up

Quit your messing around

You think I care about your reaction

You think I don't understand

All you wanted was a piece of the action

Now you talk about another man
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