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"В настоящее время я редко использую Fender Strat, чаще беру в руки Schecter, который, на мой взгляд, является более сильным инструментом."

Марк Нопфлер

"Iron Hand"


With all the clarity of dream

The sky so blue, the grass so green

The rank and file and the navy blue

The deep and strong, the straight and true

The blue line they got the given sign

The belts and boots marched forward in time

The wood and the leather the club and shield

Swept like a wave across the battlefield

Now with all the clarity of dream

The blood so red, the grass so green

The gleam of spur on the chestnut flank

The cavalry did burst upon the ranks

Oh the iron will and the iron hand

In england's green and pleasant land

No music for the shameful scene

That night they said it had even shocked the queen

Well alas we've seen it all before

Knights in armour, days for yore

The same old fears and the same old crimes

We haven't changed since ancient times
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